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A fun Montessori summer Break

As you might know from following my social media pages, I took a challenge this summer, I created a small Montessori inspired classroom for a 4 and 9 year old on a budget. Is been a challenge but the moment the offer was made I took it without a doubt, It’s been a work in progress since day 1 but the satisfaction and the excitement on the kids face is priceless.

At first i stated building the environment for little A (4yrs old), he needed a lot of structure and the main target areas were language, math and fine motor skills. I’m so proud of his work, so far we’re in week four of our summer break and he’s already learning his sounds and works independently. When he’s out in restaurants or at home he constantly ask for Rainbow writing ­čÖé

Here’s a picture of his best piece of rainbow writing and cutting exercise




In the other hand with miss K (9yrs old) it’s been an awesome experience. I used to teach middle and high school level before I started with Montessori. So far we’re working on mastering long division, and trying to get better with the multiplication tables, and dictionary skills.


We’re now on our 1st month of summer classes and the improvement on both is notorious!! Little A. now knows 12 of his ABC sounds and is getting much better at rainbow writing, now were working hard on┬árecognizing┬áthe numbers and quantities.

Miss K. is doing fantastic on long division, she’s doing 20 problems in 5 min and beats the clock ­čśÇ somethings she struggles to start but is part of the process. We also started addition of fractions and she’s grasping the concept super fast!