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DIY addition with color beads 

In my classroom I’m lucky to have all the necessary materials my children need. I add supplemental worksheets and activities to add some challenge when needed it.

At home I realized how essential is to have certain materials and also how expensive they are, so I decided to put my creativity to the test by making my own colored beads version. A colored bead stairs (#’s 1-9) is roughly $6- $8 dollars plus shipping without the stand, and for addition you will need at least 3 stairs.

Another great piece of material is a checker board beads ranges between $40 to $100 depending on the amount of each colored beads and that’s not including a set of ten bead bars.

DIY is always fun for me, I start gathering ideas from everywhere and then I put them together to make my own. For DIY colored beads you don’t need much:

  • Small Pompoms: 1 red, 2 green, 3 pink, 4 yellow, 5 baby blue, 6 purple, 7 white, 8 brown, 9 royal blue, and 10 gold.


Each bag was $1.29 at Michaels craft store. I got them mixed because I know I will find a use for the colors I won’t need for this project.

  •  Fishing bait plastic box (at least 10 spaces)
  • Addition problems (download here)

Start to build your stairs, be sure that your child is familiar with it and if not add some coloring worksheets that include the symbol next to the color, and  no worries, I saved you a copy from my TPT account 😉

Here is what the stair will look like

IMG_1065 IMG_1051-0.JPG

Add addition symbols and start with simple addition problems

We got carried away and started playing making teen numbers … let your imagination take off and have fun