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Do we really need more hours in a clock?

It looks like we are in need of more and more hours everyday just to try to accomplish the simple daily tasks. With a full time job, tutoring on the side, wedding planning and a house to keep up, it seems like the hours of the day are not enough to get it all done. I’ve tried the calendar/agenda thing, the waking up earlier to start laundry before I head out to work, the cell phone reminders, but nothing seems to give me enough time to get it all done.

Today one of my 4 year-old student asked me “Why do we have to clean up so fast? Is not time to go home yet” I paused for a second and said “we have to clean up fast because the clock says it is time to go outside, then we have to clean ourselves and eat lunch before we can go home and there’s not enough time”.   So they cleaned up and we continued on with our daily routine. We had been running late all day with the schedule, so when the children went home I sat down to take a break for a moment before I myself headed home to run around like a mad women. It was then that I realized that the more hours we have, the more things we try to accomplish leaving us needing more hours again; a vicious cycle.

We often get caught up in a routine or schedule that often doesn’t even make any sense but we follow it just because. Stepping out of the comfort zone or routine isn’t too bad, we learn new things everyday by observing our surroundings and sometimes we just have to stop, breathe in and just enjoy the moment.  Whether it’s sitting down on the patio drinking an ice tea or simply looking outside your window admiring the beauty of the world, we all need a little time to ourselves and just “live the moment”.  Try it and pass it along TGIF!