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I’m always in the search of creative and inexpensive ideas to add to my set of  lessons. The materials have to be durable and reusable, bright and fun in order for my kids to enjoy them, so when I’m in the hunt of materials first think I have in mind is “for how many lesson activities can I use this?” think of materials like an orange, you want to squeeze them out to the last drop. Materials need to act as a whole and cohesively with other materials you have at home, and before you buy think of  the multiple things you can make/use with it,

A lot of people buy just because it looks nice and cute, or just because … they might use it for something someday. Try to schedule ahead and think of the need of the child. you might find this really cute puzzle but you already have 10+ puzzles at home that don’t even use. Always keep the child in mind and where he might be going next.

Another important thing is to always recycle, if you have broken pieces from a lesson don’t throw the whole thing away. you will be surprised how many of those things you will end up using in other areas.  Don’t be afraid of creativity, if didn’t worked for others doesn’t mean it won’t work for you and your child, here are some of my own creations .. Enjoy!

  • Flyting through addition 😀

Placing of quantities are a great way to introduced odd and even. tweezers are great for working on fine motor skills and strength which are needed for writing.


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