DIY wedding signs

Planning a great wedding on a budget is tough but thank God for weekends, family and friends, good drinks and awesome food. Our wedding date is approaching fast for all the things we want to DIY like seating charts, chandeliers, save the dates, signs, favors … the list goes on and on, so we get together one weekend a month to accomplish a few projects. This past weekend we got started on the chandelier that we found last time we got together, finished the wedding signs, and assembled our save the dates, is all starting to come along and I’m secretly counting down the days.

The last time we got together we were able to assembled the pallets to make 2 signs, we started with 3 pieces of wood from a pallet, sanded them down, stained them, and cut them in half. For the support in the back and standing stick (pic 3) we used small wood pieces we had laying around, Ive seen then at home depot for about $2.00. The cost of buying a sign like this is roughly $20-30 dollars and I’m glad to say we made 2 signs for free.

signs collage

To stain them we used a dark wood mahogany stain we had at home, I believe we got it from Home Depot. For the color of the letters I had a Martha Stuart multi-surface satin paint wedding cake color. I would say between stain and paint you can spend $10.

sign         sign paint




They signs will stand with a few white helium balloons attached to guide our guest over to the reception. I’m so excited…

We also started working on the chandelier. we decided to DIY because the prices are outrageous, the cheapest one we found was $175 and we didn’t think it was worth that much money. Here’s a sneak peak … can’t wait to share the finished product.



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