DIY moveable alphabet

When I discovered the Montessori method for reading I was static! I had fallen in love all over again. Coming from another country and learning how to speak English wasn’t easy and to be honest with you I don’t know how I did it, but I do know how much I struggled; now I think if I would’ve been introduced to this reading method I would’ve save many tears.

A good way to start is to introduce phonics instead of letter names, they will learn letter names later on. Is very important to give the child the opportunity to touch, feel, and explore the letters on their own, that’s why sensorial lessons and activities are introduced in early childhood. For beginning reading I would recommend either bob reading series, or Primary Phonics. I have personally worked with both and I’m really excited because I just order my first very own to use at home.

In my classroom we have our ABC board with matching picture cards. We do the ABC board everyday as part of our morning routine, we play matching games with picture cards and the children love it. Remember repetition is the key to success! Here is a good set of alphabet cards to start with, eventually you’ll want to move on to only picture cards.

abc board


 Not everybody has the flexibility to have their children at a good Montessori school, it’s popularity has increased tremendously in the past few years making it less affordable to everyone. But fortunately we’re creative and resourceful so I made my own ABC board and “moveable alphabet” to keep at home. Be mindful that you’ll  need at least 5 letters of each to make a moveable alphabet.

Here’s the list of materials:

Wood letters ( I got mine at Amazon)

Red and blue spray paint (Home Depot)

Plastic Container with dividers (Got mine at a local hardware store)

Total cost: $15.11 yours might vary slightly but considers a moveable alphabet alone is around $60.00.

Be sure to do it in a hot sunny day for the paint to dry completely. I used acrylic blue paint I had at home from a previous project, but you can use any kind.


STEP 1. Cover the painting area and secure it with tape so it doesn’t fly out, and separate all the vowels from the consonants. I was so excited to start painting that I forgot to take  pictures 🙁

STEP 2.  Paint the consonants red and the vowels blue. I applied three coats of blue paint to the vowels because the wood kept absorbing the paint; be sure to let them dry completely between each coat.


STEP 3. After the letters are completely dried place them in the container. Mine didn’t have all 26 spaces so I had to combine W with X, and Y with Z.

moveable alphabet

STEP 4. Use and reuse over and over again.

I also made a set with capital letters to use in replacement of the ABC board to use with the flashcards. I don’t have the wood board at home like I do in school so I lay them in a carpet instead.

Have fun!




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