Montessori letter sound drawers

During my training I was not taught about sound drawers, never even heard about them! We met when I started working at the school I work now, the moment I saw them  we connected, it was like love at second sight, for me.

A Montessori classroom is divided by subject areas but the main areas are math, language, practical life and sensorial. In these areas you will find a lot of supplemental material, meaning not everything on the shelves is Montessori or made by a Montessori company, is mostly made by the teachers, and so are the sound drawers. They work so nicely and add a great amount of reinforcement to the language curriculum in the classroom.

In my classroom we have 2 drawer boxes, one like the picture below and another one with all the letters in the alphabet which we call the “Alphabet drawer box”. We start by using the alphabet drawer, the purpose is to teach and reinforce beginning sounds and vocabulary enrichment. In this lesson each drawer has about 5 picture cards with a specific beginning sound, for example “A-apple, arm, airplane, arrow, alligator” and the letter “A” from the moveable alphabet. We grab 2 or 3 drawers at a time and sort out the pictures, for more details check out my post about Montessori Pink series lessons and games.

The other drawer box looks like this




This drawer box is more specific and is mainly introduced with the Montessori Blue series because of the blends and the vowel combinations. Each drawer contains about 7 picture and word cards, and the purpose is for the student to match them correctly, I recommend not introducing this drawer until all the sounds have been mastered, along with the Montessori Pink Series.  The rows are color coded like instructed by Maria Montessori,  vowels are red, blends are blue, and digraphs are green. Is extremely important to take into consideration he readiness of the child before introducing this lesson.

You can find the drawer box for $20. Like I said, in my classroom we have 2 drawer boxes, one like the picture and another one with all the letters in the alphabet. Make your own labels based on your classroom needs and keep in mind that every lesson is the beginning and end of something new.

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