Montessori Pink series lessons and games

This is a continuation of the Montessori Inspired reading series post where I explained how to start the Montessori Pink reading series.

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I have been asked lately, How come my child is not reading the blends properly, after we’ve done all the pink series work? Well, blends and digraphs do come after the Montessori Pink Series, and are part of the Montessori Blue reading series, which is the second step in teaching a child how to read using the Montessori method. A blend is two letters together that create a new sound, like ch-chair, sh-shoe, pl-plane; so is very important to have mastered all the sounds and letter recognition before moving on to the Montessori Blue series.

Maria Montessori’s philosophy encouraged independence, order, and freedom within limits, to allow the child to make a choice of the material he/she wishes to use to enrich and provide a deeper level of development. If the child is not ready for such material it should not be introduced.

Throughout time I have found that rearranging of lessons and creativity allows for a deeper sense of exploration, which I have noticed, lets the child see things they have never seen before, so Is extremely important to observe and be aware of the needs of the child. With that being said, I like to add a few variations to my Montessori Pink series before we move on to the Blue series.

What I love about the Montessori Pink series is how versatile you can make it, using CVC words, picture cards, objects and the moveable alphabet. If you need help on how to start the Montessori Pink Series just go back to my previous post. Remember, in order for you to add variations and modifications the child must know all the ABC sounds and recognize the letters.

I like to start by grabbing a few drawers from our ABC sound drawers, or to be more specific, you can work with vowels only. Mix all the pictures at the bottom of the rug, place the moveable alphabet letters on the top, and let the child match the picture with the beginning letter sound. And remember you can DIY your moveable alphabet 🙂



Another lesson I like to incorporate is what I call “Mystery word”. In a container I make 5 words and add a blindfold. The point of the lesson is for the child to explore the letters only using the tactile sense, and to try to make words out of the letters. After a while, change the words or maybe add miniature objects. I got the letter from an old Melissa & dough game I had laying around.



My kids and I love glue and scissors, so I made this booklet for them. The idea is to identify the name of the pictures, cut out the letters and glue them to build words. Im not very computer savvy so I’m still trying to figure out a way to make the file downloadable and share it in my TPT account, any tips and advise will be greatly appreciated it.

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Everything that involves a tactile experience is a hit in my class, so I made this sand writing box for under $6. I have seen a lot of different styles so just get creative, the kids will love it.


Here are few more lessons to reinforce beginning sounds and letter recognition. The purpose of a Montessori environment is to let the child be free and happy with his work; so if you already introduced pink series and your child is not getting the concept of Montessori blends then is simply because he/she is not ready. Get creative with the Montessori Pink series and spend a few more time on it.

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