Welcome to my blog!

The blog was created today, Happy Birthday!! The idea was born over a year ago when I quitted my job at the public school system. I realized the need for a strong curriculum and a lot of hands-on materials to challenge the mind of young children.

My name is Karen, an army bride to be and an early childhood  Montessori teacher. I was born and raised in Colombia and came to the U.S.A in search of a dream and to better my future.  I have an amazing fiancé that I met while finishing my B.S degree, and a lovely curious dog named Monty.

The purpose of the blog is to share my work and knowledge with you, hear thoughts and ideas of the things you do at home to school your little ones, and to help each other out to achieve a great education in our communities. Most of the materials I use in my classroom have been purchased, but a lot of the lessons are hand made to fit the need I see in my children.

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I hope you enjoy the blog and the new journey with me.

with love Karen

“We must be taught and we must be willing to accept guidance if we wish to become effective teachers” Maria Montessori The Secret of Childhood

Here’s a picture of my little family


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